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A powerful personal story that details the pain and shame associated with being abused by Clergy in the Church. Kenneth Joe tells his story with courage and disregard for the embarrassment that is often left lingering with the victim. This book is an inspiration to anyone who has suffered hurt and gives a blueprint to conquering the pain; instead of letting it consume and fracture the soul. Kenneth Joe ultimately teaches us that forgiveness is what heals the scars and gives the victim an opportunity to own their story, and also transform from victim to triumphant survivor! From Abused to Protector: “Claiming Your Life After Your Church Sexually Abuses You” A Story of Hope, Forgiveness and Triumph, gives a map to the road the Church, Child Welfare and Society must take to ensure pedophiles are given no place to hide and are never protected from justice no matter what their position in Church or Society maybe.



“If courage, bravery, integrity and self-sacrifice are the things which heroes are made, then Kenneth Joe is certainly a hero. He has courageously opened his own life of victimization sacrificing his privacy and perhaps his peace. So that other victims of sexual abuse, may be encouraged and motivated to seek help and for potential victims to recognize and avoid the grooming trades of the pedophile."


Phillip Aaron, Attorney at Law, Represented Mr. Joe


"Kenneth Joe's book is enlightening because it gives a first-hand account of sexual abuse and its devastating consequences. However, it is an important work because it explains the only real way victims can find peace of mind and healing. As a mediator, I have worked with over 400 victims of cleric sexual abuse. Only one, Kenneth Joe, has recovered and now leads a productive and healthy life with his wife and family. Why does he stand alone? It is because he understands the meaning of forgiveness. He alone has forgiven his abuser of the heinous acts committed on his person, and he has forgiven his church. Indeed, he has accepted the truly Christian way of forgiveness, the Golden Rule, the royal law."


Richard M. Calkins, Attorney/Mediator



“Kenneth's book of his amazing emergence from the hell of child sexual abuse perpetrated by a church who closed its eyes and heart to the children in physical and emotional pain is compelling and a "must read" for those who care! It is my privilege to have worked with and know a man who cares deeply for children and acts on his convictions.


Rosalyn PantonDeputy Director (Retired)Richmond County Department of Family and Children Services


"Kenneth has redefined the meaning of victim. By sharing his story he has taken away the cloud of shame and embarrassment associated with sexual abuse and has illuminated the characteristics of a true warrior, successfully reclaiming his life. Kenneth has taught us all how to live battle ready."


Denice Murray, MAAssociate Deputy DirectorIllinois Department of Children and Family Services



"Kenneth embraces the writing of this book with the same passion, intensity and care that he has demonstrated during his entire professional tenure....Without question, this book allows the victim to become victorious and reveals a new purpose for living and appreciating one's life..."


Donald J. Dew, ACSWPresident/CEOHabilitative Systems, Inc.



"Having had the pleasure of working for Kenneth in his quest for protecting our children, he has always shown exemplary courage, integrity, character and leadership. Kenneth motivates all those that come into his path and his influence and passion for children is contagious. His passion for being an advocate for justice for our children shows his determination to make a difference in their lives. He has allowed the power of forgiveness to transform his destiny into living a victorious life and leading others to live victorious, as well. He didn't allow his past to determine who he would become in the future. He moved from victim to victor! I pledge to support him in his fight to keep our children safe. This book is sure to be a blessing to all those who read it."


Keisha Smith-Poole Consultant

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